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Welcome to the CHP Site Assessment Tool

This application is a free tool allowing users to get an indicative assessment and review potential options for installing CHP on a particular site and it has been carefully designed for users who have limited knowledge of CHP. It guides a user through the information required to carry out an indicative assessment showing whether a particular site warrants further investigation into CHP.

The CHP Site Assessment Tool has been designed to be simple and intuitive. For a given site it provides the 5 best options showing their:

  1. CHP capacity,
  2. Capital cost,
  3. Payback period,
  4. Net Present Value,
  5. Cost savings &
  6. Primary energy savings

In order to save scenarios and thus compare several scenarios (see features below), it is necessary to register with the web application.




Registered User
Wizard based format (to reduce confusion)
Data upload direct to site
Flexible tool navigation
Step specific help
Scenario save
Multiple scenarios




The tool has enhanced usability feature: tool tips; which can be accessed by holding the mouse pointer over a form field. These tips will tell you what to do in that partiular field.


This tool also has a help feature which can be accessed by clicking on the help icon in the upper right hand corner of the page. The help describes why the tool is asking a particular question, how to provide the information required and what impact that particular input will have on the results from the tool.



The CHP Assessment Tool is an indicative tool to enable you to consider the potential for CHP on a specific site and should not be relied on for investment decision making and is not suitable for use for any CHP design. Whilst BEIS has taken due care to ensure that the functionality of this Web application and the information contained within is as accurate as reasonably possible, it does not give any warranty of accuracy or reliability of functionality or of information contained within. In addition, any information contained within the tool or results produced from use of the tool are subject to the accuracy of the data supplied by the user. BEIS accepts no liability whatsover for any loss or damages arising from any interpretation or reliance on information derived from its use.